Paddy Runs for Haiti

"Bid Me Run and I will strive with things Impossible"-Shakespeare

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Miles 3,308-3,309, Pat and Ron Cardarelli. Thank You!

Last week, Pat’s Head Start class read a story about riding the subway.  The kids, having grown up in the car-centric Cleveland, had no concept of what the subway was.  Ron should have come in and told them about it.  He became a subway ace during his visit to New York.  “Times Square?  I can get there.” he said proudly.

I ran the Cardarelli’s final miles last Tuesday on one of the city’s most beautiful streets, Riverside drive.  Besides the view of the Hudson, the drive is lined with trees and dotted with statues and monuments.  The first I came to was the magnificent Soldiers and Sailors monument at 89th street.  Elegant, and inspiring, the circular greek colonnade is a monument worthy of its heroes.  Its dedication ceremony in 1902 was presided over by then-governor Teddy Roosevelt and featured a parade by Civil War Veterans.  The monument is more uplifting than somber and the wide terrace and view over the river invites people to relax and linger in the space.  And perhaps, looking up from their book or during a break in conversation, they’ll spare a thought for the 370,000 New York men who marched off to save the Union over 150 years ago.

A statue of one of them, General Franz Sigel, stands further up the drive at 106th.  The stately German-American sits atop his massive horse gazing calmly across the river towards New Jersey.

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