Paddy Runs for Haiti

"Bid Me Run and I will strive with things Impossible"-Shakespeare

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Mile 3,300, Marcene Frank. Thank You!

Marcene's family gathered in Indiana last month to help her celebrate her 88th trip around the sun.  Well done, Marcene!  I wish I could have been there!

Also celebrating birthdays on March 23rd were fashion designer Kenneth Cole and British distance runner Mo Farah, who won gold in both the 5,000 and 10,000 meter events at last summer’s London Olympics.

Another notable with a March 23rd birthday is Prince Felix Yusupov, one of the men who assassinated Grigory Rasputin.  Yusupov and his conspirators tricked the troublesome mystic into eating cyanide-laced cakes and wine.  When this seemed to have to effect, they shot him in the back.  That seemed to do the trick but then a half-hour later Rasputin’s body sprang to life and ran into the yard where he was shot again several times, clubbed and stabbed.  For good measure, they rolled him up in a curtain and threw it into a frozen river.  When the body was discovered two days later, the cause of death was found to have been drowning.  Creepy.

Marcene is a tough gal and would probably be at home on the streets of the Bronx, which is where I found myself at mile 23 of this thirty-miler.  Grand Concourse took me to 138th, where I turned East and ran through Mott Haven.  The shrine of Our Lady outside St. Jerome’s was resplendent with flowers and candles, this being the run up to Easter.  A right turn on St. Ann’s took me down towards the Bronx arm of the Triboro.

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