Paddy Runs for Haiti

"Bid Me Run and I will strive with things Impossible"-Shakespeare

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Miles 2807-2809, Alice Winslow. Thank You!

Last month, Alice packed up and moved off to England.  At least she’ll be used to the weather.  Should she need a taste of home, she’s already discovered a pub that serves Brooklyn Lager.  If only they had bagels and schmear!

These are the opening steps of a nineteen-mile ramble that carried me from Chelsea to Sunnyside, with diversions through Battery Park, Chinatown and two - yes, two - crossings into Brooklyn.  Can you imagine?

It was another cold, rainy day, but by now I’m used to getting screwed by the weather.  For a bit of inspiration, I donned my Team Hoyt shirt, handed to me by Dick Hoyt himself, and headed into town.

I started running at 42nd street and Tenth Avenue, headed west to the river, then went south to 30th, where I took the stairs up to the High Line, a fancy new park built on an old elevated railroad.  The park, which opened in 2009, follows the rail line through several buildings including Chelsea Market and the Standard Hotel, before ending in the West Village.  While a long, straight, level park may sound like a runner’s dream, the High Line is rather narrow and usually quite crowded.  I went up expecting these conditions, but hoped yesterday’s cold and rain might thin the crowds a little.

The High Line took me down to Gansevoort Street, named for Peter Gansevoort, a Revolutionary War hero and grandfather of author Herman Melville.

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